Core Deliveries

Epicent are experts in PR services and corporate media relations. We have extensive experience in every editorial public relations discipline, including corporate stories, product PR, trend stories, event coverage, and crisis management.

We perform everything from preparation of overall communication plans and strategies to practical execution of all underlying activities, including preliminary research, interviews, journalism, photography, and distribution.

It is often necessary to conduct extensive preparatory work in order to ensure optimal results in each individual communication case. This applies regardless of dealing with proactive or reactive PR work. We ask the essential questions and uncover the answers through interviews and data analysis. Whenever relevant, we identify and contact relevant third-party sources. E.g., professional associations and experts.

Based on strategic client objectives and in-depth research, we orchestrate corporate communication in the best possible manner.




When the preceding work in terms of research, interviews and angulation is in place, we compile professional text and photo material in turnkey press kits that are distributed to the relevant media outlets.

Based on the interviews and research conducted, we attend to high-quality journalistic text production. News stories are written in a brief, precise and catchy way, making them highly compelling and attractive for the recipients. To enhance overall appeal, news hooks and tendencies are integrated in the stories, thus ensuring optimum media exposure.

We are experts in ensuring media exposure through ready-to-print stories that include statistical material and third-party sources such as organizations and experts.

Relevant photo material and captions that support the text are included, whether it be profile photos, pack shots, stock imagery or situational pictures.



We place great emphasis on qualitative, personal distribution to journalists and editors at the various editorial media. In distribution of press material, all relevant media outlets are normally contacted on the telephone before press kits are submitted.

We have a strong network and good relations among news agencies, mass media, trade publications and regional media, in Denmark as well as internationally.

Our media database contains the names and contact information of thousands of journalists. When news stories have been distributed to the primary media, they are subsequently mass broadcast through an online wire system, reaching hundreds of additional editorial offices.

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