B2C Press Solutions

Epicent cooperates with a large number of web shops and consumer-oriented businesses. The aim is to increase clients’ brand awareness and to create web traffic and search engine optimization (SEO) that increase revenue. Therefore, the main focus is generally placed on publicity and editorial link building in web media.

Every single link from a high-credibility web media possesses enormous value. It can lead to thousands of clicks, create huge direct revenue and, above all, contribute to a higher ranking on Google for years to come.




Many web shops have enjoyed great commercial success due to our editorial PR-concept. One of these is Anodyne, a vendor of posture clothing. CEO Kenneth Avnsted says:

- We use Epicent as our PR-agency in 11 European countries. The first campaign generated an increased sale of approximately EUR 47,000, and during the following months, our sales multiplied through an effective combination of publicity and traditional advertising.

In Denmark, we achieved exposure on national TV and in a national business magazine, which over a period of time created additional sales worth approximately EUR 13,500 a day.

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