Chain Concept

Chains in retail, service and healthcare have an enormous potential for editorial coverage. Not just nationally, but also regionally and locally in all the areas represented by branches.

With marketing departments, it is usually too resource-demanding to versionize and distribute national press campaigns locally, and head offices rarely maintain a strong network of contacts at local media outlets. Therefore, we have developed ChainRelations, the Epicent PR concept for chains.



National, regional og lokal eksponering af forretningskæder hos epicent


ChainRelations, the Epicent PR concept for chains, ensures extensive editorial exposure for nationwide chains. Nationally, regionally, and locally based on each individual branch.

As a chain, you also have an enormous potential for editorial exposure in local and regional media in all areas covered by branches. Such media are very susceptible to consumer material, and your commercial yield will be substantial since readers relate the articles directly to the local branch.

Thus, the way is short from influence to purchase.

The basis will be a generic, national press kit which is initially distributed to relevant nationwide media. Hereafter, the material is adapted for distribution in each individual local area.

Thanks to our strong working relationships with both national, regional and local media, Epicent creates optimal exposure. While doing so, we ensure great traction and value for money.

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