PR Services for B2B, B2C and Chain Companies, Nationally plus Internationally

Epicent was founded in 1999 and specializes in press assignments. For five consecutive years, we have been named among Denmark’s fastest growing companies.

Boasting extensive experience in increasing brand awareness, we apply our knowhow and strong editorial networks to ensure optimal execution of PR strategies and multiply clients’ exposure in editorial media. Locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.


B2B Solutions

Targeted exposure in business and trade media, including in the construction, manufacturing, and logistics industries.

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Chain Solutions

Consumer-oriented press coverage in national, regional and local media, covering all areas where the chain is represented.

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International PR Services

Performing press campaigns throughout Europe, Epicent boasts a strong network of international media relations and partner agencies.

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Epicent, Danmarks hurtigst voksende PR-burau!


The above words are our mantra and an invitation to you.

When inviting you to rethink relations, we do not necessarily suggest changing your entire platform or principal foundations of communication.

But we do want you to rethink the execution of your press efforts in order to render them even more effective.

At a national level, we cater to a wide range of clients, including some of the largest chain businesses in Denmark. At an international level, we serve a range of prominent global B2B brands.

Our team consists of experienced journalists with solid editorial networks, ranging from local to national media. Blogs and broadcast networks included.

We guarantee profound linguistic and intercultural capabilities alongside a well-established network of partner agencies that ensures successful handling of international press material.


Nationally, our clients count many of Denmark's largest chains, and abroad we serve a number of strong international B2B brands.

Our team of journalists have a great editorial network on all platforms, from local to national media and from blogs to television.

Epicent offers performance-oriented operational execution of your PR activities based on the annual cycle and communication plan we have jointly established. We can probably make a significant positive difference to your press work.