Advantages and Process

ChainRelations, the Epicent PR concept for chains, has many advantages. One no longer has to prioritize whether a PR effort should be national or local. Because it becomes both, that way realizing the chain’s full exposure potential.

With ChainRelations, the PR effort is aimed at national, regional and local media all at once. All resource-consuming activities are handled by Epicent, from textualization and research to versioning and local media contact.

Our solid journalistic skills and strong network of media contacts make a huge difference when it comes to ensuring the greatest possible exposure. Both in nationwide, regional and local media.

National stories are reused locally. Versioning and strong media relations ensure high hit rates, not least in local areas. The commercial conversion becomes high as the individual exposure is directly linked to the local branches. And a substantial overall return is achieved at a limited budget.



from idea to review_preview


The process starts with Epicent journalists working with the client to develop a thoroughly researched national press history. We help with sparring, suggestions and reflections in the idea phase. Frequently, texts are designed as trend stories with the involvement of relevant third-party sources or put in the perspective of a thematic context.

Once the material is approved by the client, Epicent completes a national press kit and starts contacting the relevant nationwide media. Then the national press kit is prepared in local versions for use in the individual areas where the chain has branches.

The process usually looks like this:

• Preparation of generic press kit
• Preparation of local versions
• Distribution nationally
• Distribution locally
• Ongoing monitoring and follow-up

In the distribution phase, Epicent's strong network ensures an optimal hit rate, our relationships covering everything from national news media to local weeklies in the country's smallest and most remote areas. Continuous media monitoring is provided during the process, embracing clippings from online, broadcast and print media.

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